Friday, 27 September 2013

Creating our murals

First we learnt about the context for the murals.
We then submitted a plan of what we thought the murals should look like.

Next we voted on which design / s we would use. Then we sketched our designs onto the mural boards in pencil.

 Next we had to begin painting. We had to do several layers of paint to ensure there was no white showing. we took turns to do this part.

Here are our almost finished murals.


  1. Hi Room 1 Artists! I can see from your postings that you have followed a great design process and that is why you have produced such wonderful artwork. I am really looking forward to seeing them up on the walls after the blessing this Friday.

  2. Kia ora Mrs Aperahama,
    I really liked the way you put up the sketch drawings for drafts up on your blog...
    Can you please tell me where to find them
    From your student Paddy

  3. Hi Paddy the photos of the sketches are only on my computer but I could email you one if you wanted. Under the portfolio stand there are also the original design that people did.
    Mrs Aperahama


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