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Showing posts from May, 2016

Gadget making

Room 1 is having an Invent a Gadget day!! 

Thank you to everyone who has sent along recycling products for Room 1 to get creative with....

Tree planting

Last week Room 1 were the community kind, we went and helped our school neighbour plant trees down his driveway.

We all named our plants and worked together to dig the holes, plant the trees and mulch around them.

Green Team

Last week The Warehouse Gisborne kindly donated 10 trays of seedling vegetables to our school,

The Green Team enjoyed getting muddy while they planted them for the School.

Week 2 and Week 3 Term 2

Last week Room 1 went to the town library. We had lots of fun on the bus and had amazing manners at the library.

Yesterday we went out to the garden and learnt about Area and perimeter with Kauri


Room 1 spent time outside this afternoon with Lisa learning how to play softball

Minibeast in our School

This term Room 1 are learning about Minibeast.

Yesterday afternoon we went out into our school grounds and explored all different areas to see what Minibeast live where.

We even got magnifying glasses out to have a closer look...