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The Sand Creations Continued...

The Playground and Co-operative Learning Groups Today.

Beach Creations.

Thank You To All Parents for your Support/Help and Beautiful Baking!!!

Keep your eye on the Blog Page, I will add some more photos this weekend.

What an Action Packed Week we have been Having!

Go Room 1!  I think you will sleep well tonight, I know I will.  Get a good night sleep so you are ready for our Beach and School Based Activity Day tomorrow.  On Monday - we are off to the Pools!
Reminders for the WeekMonday:  We are off to the Skate Park at 9:40, after a swim in the school pool.  We are also playing Mini golf at 11:30 and will be back at school by 3:00. Gear List:  Skateboards, Scooters, Skates, togs and towel, food for the day, water bottle, school uniform, school yellow hat, Shoes.
Tuesday:  Marine Reserve.  We leave school at 9:00 and travel by bus.  We will be back at school by 2:00 and will do some written work as follow up in our Writing Books. Gear List:  Aqua socks (if you have them) Springsuit/Wetsuit (if you have one) Togs and towel, warm jacket, water bottle, school uniform, school yellow hat, footwear, food for the day.
Wednesday:  Olympic Pools, we will arrive there at 9:30.   Gear List:  Togs and towel, warm jacket, food for the day, water bottle, school uniform, school yellow hat, footwear. This is also our Sleep Over Night - I'll send home a Reminder Notice about what to bring.
Thursday:  We walk down to see the Totem Poles at the Information Cen…
Happy Birthday Keighan! Thank you for the beautiful cake Simone!!!  You are very talented!
Taonga of the SeaWritten by Maia Fluffy, white clouds gracefully float above the water as if it were a painting. The sun shines brightly upon the crystal, clear water. Soft sand lies upon the shore, waves roll slowly onto the shore line. Loud roars heard above, yet so quiet below. Seashells - as white as snow lie scattered across the sea floor. Colourful coral sways beneath the water, the bright yellow sea horse flutters in the sea. Vividly coloured fish race as if they are late for work. The lazy octopus lies underneath the water, close to the surface - sunbathing in the warm rays of sunlight.
Just remember that the sea will only be like this if we look after it!

Our TaongaA piece of Poetry written by Melea.The wind blows as the waves slam against the shore. Seagulls squawk as they struggle to soar. The sun peeks through the drifting clouds, the rays sink into the sea. Dark purple ink spreads throughout the ocean. The bright green sea turtle floats around as it explores a shipwreck. Seahorses camouflage themselves in the swaying seaweed and coral. The sharks, as grey as storm clouds chase the fish around.
This is what I picture in the future - so please look after it!

Week 3 Update:  Room 1

It was lovely to meet parents tonight!  Thank you to those that could make it, if you were unable to - Mrs Torrie is sending out an update about what was discussed.

Action Week is well underway in terms of preparation.  I still require some adult help - especially on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.  If you are able to help - please email me at and I will get back to you this weekend.  It would be much appreciated!

Another busy and fun week of learning!

To view the School Calendar, you can click on the Senior Syndicate Website tab at the top of the Blog Page and you can gain access to the Calendar to see what is happening at School.  
Kind regards Mrs Mackey.
Week 3 Reminders
Swimming Days:  Monday, Tuesday and Friday. We will also be snorkeling on Wednesday in preparation for next week.
Library Day:  We head to the Town Library on Tuesday, I only have a few library cards.  It is free to pop along to the library and get one for your child.  Our next Town Library visit will be on Tuesday the 25th of March.
School Library Visits:  Our Library day is Tuesday but because we are heading to the Town Library, I hope to visit the Library on Thursday this week.
Permission/Health Forms for Action Week:  Thank you to everyone who has returned these, if you need another one - please let your child know and they can pass on the message.

Week 2 - A Reflection in Photos.

Thought this week, I'd share some photos of what the children have been up to in their learning.

Hope you enjoyed them!   Yours sincerely Mrs Mackey.                           

Kia ora and Welcome to Room 1!
My name is Kellie Mackey and I am the teacher this year in Room 1.  I have been teaching for 14 years now and came up to the North Island from Dunedin around 15 years ago.  I am married to Troy and we have three children.
For the last two years, I have worked as a Literacy Specialist and have decided it is time to return to the classroom.  I am loving it and the children in Room 1 are a truly awesome bunch.
I have also trained in Reading Recovery which is always helpful when it comes to teaching and have also undertaken Writing Acceleration work during the last two years - I am very passionate about lifting the levels of all children in the classroom and I look forward to working with you as Parents/Whanau and Caregivers to achieve this goal in all areas.  
The children have settled in nicely and have been working on Co-operative Learning activities so that together as a class they can work together and support one another.  We have completed our Classroom T…

Swimming Week 2 for Room 1

Kia ora everyone.

Welcome to week 2 of the school year.  Just a quick reminder that swimming this week is on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  We will begin Homework in week 3 and our Library Visits will also begin in week 3.
I look forward to seeing all of your bright and happy faces tomorrow!
Mrs Mackey