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Planting Time along the front of the Senior Block.

Planting Daffodil Bulbs!  Can't wait to see them flowering!

Making Envelopes

Making Our Envelopes Today.  The children enjoyed Craft Work.

Congratulations Room 1!

Reaching Our Goal!

Today we reached our goal!  The children were very excited.  We hope you liked the home made envelopes they made today.  Here are some photos showing you some of our day!  I hope you enjoy them.

Benjamin with his Art Work.

Well Done Benjamin!

Week 11 of Term One!

Dear Parents/Caregivers/Whanau and Children

Wow!  It is the last week of the term and very soon you will be spending some special time with your families.  You can all be very proud of the accomplishments you have achieved this term.  There have  been many things which we have done and it seems amazing that we covered all of that learning and fun in one term.  This Tuesday, we will add up our Gotchas and a notice will come home letting you know about our Privilege Day, which will be held on Thursday - the last day of the term.
Congratulations Room One - Your Privilege Day has been well earnt and you all contributed to this day being able to happen.   I know our container will be overflowing and I look forward to taking a photo of that moment this week!
We will be putting up some of the children's artwork in the hall and some of it will go in our room.  The pieces of art are beautiful, please do try to come in and view it.
Homework Books are due in by the end of the term.
Thank y…

Art Day Creations

More Art Work!

Room 1 Art!

Sea Creatures Art Work

Week 10 News

Welcome to week 10 of the term.
The DISCO is on tomorrow night (Thursday) and there are many excited children around.  The children can purchase mini hamburgers for tea at the disco.  It begins at 5:30 and finishes at 7:00.
Early next week, we will do a final count up of Gotchas and we will hold our Privilege Day during the last week of the term once our container is full.  I will send home a notice before Privilege Day so you know what we are doing on the day.
Yours sincerely
Kellie Mackey

Sea Creations.

More Stunning Masterpieces

Fabulous Sea Creatures

Art Days

Dear Parents/Caregivers and Whanau

This Monday and Tuesday are our Art Days for the term.  We will be painting so if your child could bring along an old shirt/t-shirt to wear, this would be greatly appreciated.  They will still need to wear their uniform to school.  We are also hunting for some egg cartons so if you have any of these at home, please send them to school.
Thank you
Mrs Mackey