Monday, 25 August 2014

Garden Diary

Last Monday we planted our gardens.
There has been lots of rain so we haven't 
needed to water them at all.
Today we inspected the gardens and found that something 
is nibbling the leaves.
Is it a snail, or a caterpillar or slugs?
We don't know.
What will we do?


  1. Probably snails guys they have been munching on my veges too, try egg shells around the base of your plants or some sharp little stones the snails cant get over them to eat your plant babies �� hope this helps
    Sarah Clifton (graces mum)

  2. Hi Guys! Seaweed works really well too. The snails dont like it because its sharp and spiky! Hope to see you guys in the garden. If you want some little buddies to come and help you, you know where we are. Miss Malone and Room 14

  3. Dear Rm 1... well with your lovely work i can not stand why those insects
    will just eat your class garden leafs will any way you guys done a lovely peace
    of work in your garden.

  4. Dear room one
    Sorry I had tried to send a message yesterday using my phone but it hadn't co operated I see. Anyway first of all it is so fabulous to see you out int he garden doing some late winter / early spring planting. I love the question you have posed as it is one many gardeners face. The suggestions you have been given so far are fantastic. It could be fun to try both and see if one is better than the other or if they both work in the same way. I have used the egg shell one many times and I think it works. Good luck anyway. Great to see your blogs! You are really leading learning!
    Mrs Aperahama


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