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Showing posts from April, 2016

Being kind online

Room 1 discussed what being kind online means.... We had so many ideas

Green team

Well done to everyone who applied to be part of the green team for 2016, It was a really hard decision but here are some of our 2016 members who got presented with their badges in assembly on Friday...

Garden Clean up

This morning many teachers from Awapuni School along with a couple of Families we committed to the Garden clean up in the drizzling rain.

We worked hard and now the Garden looks brand new. 
THANK YOU to everyone who helped to make this happen. 

April Fools

This morning Miss Wallis tricked Room 1 into doing a word search,

Everyone were incredibly focused and determined to win.

After 15 minutes they started to get confused why they had not found any words,
Miss Wallis told the class at the end that it was an unsolvable word search that had no words.

Watch how the morning unpacked....