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Information Reports

Today Room 1 embedded their  information reports about insects
on their blogs. Click on the student's names in the  blog roll in the side bar and
view their Google Slideshow. What do you think? Did you learn anything new?

Quote for this week

Homelearning Challenge

Some Room 1 students have completed their challenge  already this week and published them on their blog. Visit the Room 1 Homelearning Roll of Honour to see their work.
Ka mau te wehi!

Where was I?

While Mrs T was away on holiday she sent pictures  and clues for the senior syndicate students  to try and guess where she was. Here are the winners...
#1 Tobias Horsefield. Clyde the Thistle - Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games mascot #2 Troy Te Rito and Luke McLeod. Christopher Columbus Column in Barcelona, Spain #3 Aimee Whiteman. Jacobite Railway from Fort William to Mallaig #4 Amo Standish. Loch Ness #5 Luke McLeod. Dunvegan Castle
Congratulations to these people.  They have gotchas to collect!

Welcome to term 3

Yes - I know - it's a week late,  but I have just got back from my holiday. Are you ready to learn? I am ready to be in Room 1  and work with you in your learning... so let's go!

Creating Mini Beasts out of Junk