Friday, 28 February 2014

The Sand Creations Continued...


  1. I had an awesome day with you guys .. Great day at the beach ! from Cherith ( Melea's Mum )

  2. Thanks Cherith - we enjoyed your company too. Hopefully we have a lovely day for the Pools tomorrow! Fingers crossed. It has certainly been a week full of fun outdoor activities and a great way for the class to bond. We appreciated your help.

  3. Dear room 1
    I had a fabulous day, it was a great experience for my first adventure week.
    There was so many fabulous sand things and congratulations to the group who came first place.
    from genevieve

  4. Genevieve, thank you for posting on the blog!!! First place was a very hard decision because all of your sand art was fabulous. I will let you know tomorrow who was chosen.


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