Monday, 9 September 2013

Solar Energy

Today we tested Mrs Aperahama's solar powered car. First we voted on whether we thought the car would work automatically or if it would need to sit in the sun to charge up. Most of the class voted that we would need to let it charge.

BUT ...
We were wrong, as soon as the car was in the sunlight its wheels started moving.
When Mrs Aperahama put it on the ground it zoomed across the courts. Whenever a shadow got in the way and the car was not under direct sunlight it would stop.
We then thought about solar powered cars and the good things about them compared to petrol powered cars. Some of the positives were that the sunlight is free so we wouldn't cost us any money to buy petrol. It would not cause pollution, it is renewable (as long as the sun is shining), it is not harmful to our planet.
Some of the negatives were that it cannot work in shadows, nor at night and we are not sure how it would work on a cloudy day.

Watch our video

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