Thursday, 19 September 2013

Calendar Art

We have created a piece of artwork that is themed around conservation of turtles. In the pacific there is an organisation called 'save the turtle' that promote awareness about this species vulnerability. Turtles are amazing creatures that have lived in our oceans and on our shores for millions of years but do face extinction without human help.  The artwork shows the turtle and uses pacific design to make the connection to the organisation and the nesting place of many turtles.

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  1. Dear Room 1, this calendar art is spectacular! There are 3 things that struck me when I saw the photos. 1 is that the work is vibrant and well planned to use the paper size. 2 is that the use of pasifica patterns made it belong to the Pacific Ocean. And 3 is the fact that you ahve continued with the theme of conservation from your integrated study. I hope your family/whanau order calendars and you will have your art hanging on the walls of your home for 2014


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