Monday, 16 December 2013

Super Swimmers in Room One

Check out all the Star Swimmers in Room One. All these students took on the 200m metre challenge and won! Tino Pai!

Thursday, 31 October 2013

Fonterra Milk In schools

This week we began the Fonterra Milk in Schools where each students receives a carton of milk each day. The students in room one love the milk and are learning how to fold the cartons up so they can be recycled and turned into roofing tiles and books for children in Thailand.
Here is a picture of our happy healthy milk kids!

Friday, 27 September 2013

Creating our murals

First we learnt about the context for the murals.
We then submitted a plan of what we thought the murals should look like.

Next we voted on which design / s we would use. Then we sketched our designs onto the mural boards in pencil.

 Next we had to begin painting. We had to do several layers of paint to ensure there was no white showing. we took turns to do this part.

Here are our almost finished murals.

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Calendar Art

We have created a piece of artwork that is themed around conservation of turtles. In the pacific there is an organisation called 'save the turtle' that promote awareness about this species vulnerability. Turtles are amazing creatures that have lived in our oceans and on our shores for millions of years but do face extinction without human help.  The artwork shows the turtle and uses pacific design to make the connection to the organisation and the nesting place of many turtles.

Monday, 9 September 2013

Solar Energy

Today we tested Mrs Aperahama's solar powered car. First we voted on whether we thought the car would work automatically or if it would need to sit in the sun to charge up. Most of the class voted that we would need to let it charge.

BUT ...
We were wrong, as soon as the car was in the sunlight its wheels started moving.
When Mrs Aperahama put it on the ground it zoomed across the courts. Whenever a shadow got in the way and the car was not under direct sunlight it would stop.
We then thought about solar powered cars and the good things about them compared to petrol powered cars. Some of the positives were that the sunlight is free so we wouldn't cost us any money to buy petrol. It would not cause pollution, it is renewable (as long as the sun is shining), it is not harmful to our planet.
Some of the negatives were that it cannot work in shadows, nor at night and we are not sure how it would work on a cloudy day.

Watch our video

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Eastwood Hill and Museum visits

Senior Syndicate Trips in September
The 5 classes from the senior syndicate have been studying Conservation. They have been writing reports about endangered species. To extend and enrich our learning, they are going to the Museum and Eastwood Hill Arboretum. Read this newsletter with details of the 2 excursions.

 Dear Senior Syndicate parents/caregivers, As part of our integrated studies on Conservation we have planned 2 learning experiences.
9th & 10th September: Tairawhiti Museum for Art
16th September: Eastwood Hill Arboretum

Both excursions should be powerful experiences to extend and enrich the learning we have undertaken this term. We need to pay for buses for these trips. Please send $5.00 to the school office. This will cover both trips. Would you like to come to Eastwood Hill Arboretum with us? We need the assistance of 3 adults for each class to meet the Board of Trustees adult:child ratio for excursions such as this. Please fill out the form below. If we get more than 3 for each class we would love you to come. There is limited space on the buses, so if we get more than 3 adults, some would need to bring their own vehicles. Details of what to take on the 16th to the Arboretum will be given closer to the time.
Yours in learning Cheryl Torrie DP & Syndicate Leader

Friday, 16 August 2013

Master Chef Challenge

We also got to view the chefs make food with ice and fire and then taste it.
I loved the liquid nitrogen ice-cream and caramelized bananas!

Mara Kai Master Chef Challenge 2013

Thursday the 15th of August four brave student chefs entered a master chef challenge using ingredients grown in our school garden. They worked as a team, they managed their time, they cleaned up as they cooked and they presented their dish and explained it to the celebratory judges. Well done Bella, Ngahuia, Faith, and Taylah!

Titrangi Photos

Room 1 and the Green Team went up Titirangi to learn around more about or region. They each planted their own native tree on the hill to pr...