Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Creating our class Treaty

We worked together in pairs to list down what we thought needed to be included in our class Treaty. We then sorted everyones ideas out into four categories of ideas that went together. Using these we formed our four class Treaty rules - Be the responsible kind Be the respectful kind Be the learning kind Be the co operative kind


  1. Awesome values and class treaty Room 1 !!

  2. Dear R1,
    You are great at sorting and classifying - this was a huge job to do. Are you going to make a graph?
    from Mrs T

  3. Dear Rm 1, you guys did so much in one week! Wow! I can see you really took up the challenges of the week and have accomplished a lot. What was the hardest thing to do where you had to face your fears?
    from MRs T.


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