Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Room 1 Sleepover

Dear Parents/ Caregivers

This Thursday Room 1 will be having their sleepover at School. 

I would like to invite all parents/ caregivers  of Room 1 to come down to school on Thursday afternoon where we will be having games and activities to get to know each other a little better. I would love for you to come down and enjoy a fun afternoon with students of Room 1 for 2016.
On Thursday afternoon I will be challenging the students in a “child friendly’ style fear factor. I have done this with my previous classes and it was proven to be a great success where students pushed themselves outside their comfort zones.This also built great team spirit within the classroom and bonded the students greatly.  

I would like to invite any parents/ caregivers who would also like to challenge themselves to come along and challenge the kids as well. Fear Factor will start at 4:15pm on Thursday afternoon and go until around 5:00pm.
Remember to bring togs and an open mind if you intend on participating.
Yours truly,
Anna Wallis


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