Monday, 19 May 2014

Week 3

I cannot believe it is Week 3 already!  Just a reminder that tomorrow we visit the Town Library so children will need to have their Library Cards and Library Books at school.

On Friday, we are dressing up as our Favourite Book Character, I am looking forward to seeing the different costumes.  I know my own children are excited!  I will take lots of photos and myself and the children will put them up on the Blog.  The Blog is a great place to see what is happening in our room. I post on the Blog and show photos and write letters.  The children have their own Blogs as well, where they can communicate with each other.  They also share their work and can add photos.  You can comment on their Blog, they can show you how to do this.  The children are using Technology as an integral part of their learning.  I am learning new things all of the time too and it is wonderful to learn alongside the children.

Next week, those children involved in the Gymnastics will be performing, they have been working hard on their routines so look out for information coming home about this as it would be lovely to go along and see them as they perform.

This term, the children are working on their Newspaper Reports for Homework.  There has been some fantastic work done on these projects and I am looking forward to the presenting of their Newspapers at the end of the term.

Last week, Room 1 hosted Assembly.  I was very proud of them.  They did a great job!  They will be sharing some of the photos and videos on their own blogs soon.

Have a lovely week!

Remember you can reach me any time
Yours sincerely
Kellie Mackey


  1. Wow! Room 1 - You did a fantastic job of presenting at Assembly the other day.

  2. Awesome work Room 1:) Your classroom always looks so engaging!

  3. I liked this assembly


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