Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Creating another Avatar

I visited some of the different blogs today from the Blogger Challenge. They are just amazing! Our mentor for the blog challenge is tasteach. I followed the link and clicked on the link "My Web Page"
I really liked the avatar that tasteach had. I created an avatar thru Otaku Avatar Maker. Have a go at creating one. Once you have created your avatar, don't forget to Prnt Scrn then paste into Paint. Crop it then save as a JPEG. Upload it as your blogger profile. 

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Starting to Blog!

Room One has been working really hard getting their e-portfolios, email accounts and their blogs up and running all in 3 weeks of starting school. With this learning there has been a lot of firsts for some of the students. Firsts with learning how to email or even to add a widget to their e-Portfolio.

Tux Paint is just one of the fabulous free web tool allowing children to create their very own masterpieces to compliment their writing. As you follow our Learning Journey we will be trying out new and exciting digital technology and sharing it on our blog. Check out the Bloggers List on the left to see how the students are doing in their digital learning.